Actual Wellness provides therapy and research for it's upcoming non-profit organization dedicated to CranialFacial Therapy. Many symptoms could be present when the cranial bones around the nose and throat are not functionally aligned. The sensitive cranial nerve dysfunction associated with cranialfacial malalignment may cause face or head pain, difficulty breathing, apnea, allergies, chronic nasal or throat infections, as well as many more.

It is important to note that CFR is not directed at the treatment of any one specific disease or disorder.  

It's primary objective is to mobilize the cranial bones, unlock cranial fixations, open the breathing passageways, facilitate cerebral spinal fluid flow, increase vascular flow to and venous drainage from the cranium, and optimize brain function.  This often times improves symptoms related to various neurological & structural disorders.

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Cranial Facial Release Successes:

Face and Forehead Fracture

35 years ago I had a traumatic facial injury - my face and forehead were fractured and I lost most of the teeth on the left side. My nose has been chronically congested and I snore most of the time. Dr. Doreo has changed the way my face looks and feels with the Cranial Facial Release. The nasal bone on the left was pushed in, and now it matches the shape of the right nasal bone after only 2 treatments! I am breathing better, and my snoring is reduced. She was very good at telling me what to expect and knew exactly what I was going through. I am so glad I got this done! I highly recommend Dr. Nancy's cranial facial release to anyone who has a nose.


Dr. Doreo had Tooth Sensitivity

Cranial Facial Release even helped me, Dr. Doreo. I had my cranial bones adjusted with Cranial Facial Release and my tooth pain went away! My front tooth had begun to feel funny and look a little darker than the others in photos. My hygienist told me the tooth was probably dying from old injuries to it over the years - knocking it with a water bottle and hitting it with a fork, and who know what else.  It was kind of freaking me out that my tooth was dying and I wished I could do something about it. Little did I know that when I did the release treatment for overall health reasons (I have autoimmune disease and feel dizzy sometimes), that my tooth would not only change to a better alignment, but also it would feel normal again! I am no longer worried about losing my tooth! I imagine the cranial bones weren't aligned properly and the tooth socket was twisted, causing me pain in that exact tooth. I am looking forward to my next three treatments, because this is already a miracle! Thank you Dr. Tuong Mai! His chiropractic practice is in San Jose, CA, if you need a referral.

Multiple Head Injuries and Skull Fracture, Chronic Migraines

My experience today was more powerful than words can express. Besides being able to breathe freely - am noticing my left temporal lobe pulsating a bit  (where I used to feel migraines).
Have noticed that a large part of my world is to explore the world around me... it brings me safety and security and confidence in all that is around me. 
Today after leaving the appointment with you I had a new awareness that brought me extreme joy, comfort and a stabilization that is powerful. And since you are a key component of this CFR journey I was guided to share the awareness with you. As you know the last few years and particularly the last 3-6 months have been about restructuring to strengthen my organs, specifically kidneys as well as restructuring my brain, as the scar tissue in my skull from a fractured skull 46 years ago & a more recent injury 3.5 years ago from a 300 pound dog that bit the back of my skull twice resulting in stitches as well as trauma.  You have skillfully guided and cared for me through the 13 CFR treatments I have experienced thus far.  Am now aware that I am becoming an explorer of my body to discover how to move closer to wellness and be freed from the traumas and all that it has caused for me physically, emotionally and of course mentally with the brain being cradled and guarded with the skull.
You are a skilled and knowledgeable guide and specialist as we proceed on this exploration together and am grateful that you have held the belief that "you can do this...." and "you will make it" when my belief in myself waned.  
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you.
It is an honor to be on this journey with an experienced guide and to be able to trust you completely with the confidence that you brilliantly carry with you each time I walk into the office and step into the challenges that are before me on the path to wellness and freedom.
You are awesome and look forward to my next appointment to continue in this exciting journey - even though there are moments when I am half-in and half-out.  Your vast knowledge and experience always steadies my WHOLE being.
Much Appreciation, JB


Whether you are looking for a lifestyle change or need guidance to handle a specific problem, Dr. Doreo is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. While evidence-based medicine is the preferred approach medically, the value of empirical data from the traditional and ancient forms of health care may be applied to your tailored plan. Dr. Doreo has many years working with others in the healing arts and can bring a unique perspective when you are searching for something functional. She holds certificates in FirstLine Therapy(R) and Health Coaching (R).

To reach Dr. Doreo in her Hamilton, Montana office, call (805) 777-7184

This service is available in Hamilton, MT and Ojai, CA.