Dr. Nancy has always been about helping people reach optimal wellness and “Making PERSONALIZED Medicine Functional.”

At our chiropractic and naturopathic health and wellness office, we believe the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices toward a more healthy existence.



We strive for objectivity in nutritional healthcare and provide clear chiropractic options in structural healthcare, while specializing in Professional Applied Kinesiology since 1983. We help patients, their families and friends create optimum health, so they can reach their fullest potential in life.

While we are not just another ‘pain’ clinic, we find many underlying illnesses causing pain may be the reason why other therapies may not have worked.  If you are looking for a fresh and scientific based approach where you are evaluated, educated and coached, we might have what you need. “Making Functional Medicine Functional” includes evaluating many aspects of the healing axis.  Unique protocols created from history, exam, laboratory and other assessment tools are utilized.  Regularly classes are offered to both professionals and patients seeking to “Make Functional Medicine Functional.”  Sign up below to receive occasional newsletters.

I hope you’ll choose our dedicated health and wellness center to graciously serve and help you achieve your individual health goals. We are here to serve those who serve others. Please watch the short video where patients describe their personal experiences. 

My journey with Dr. Doreo is 20 years long, throughout the years my needs have changed, but nothing stopped me in my tracks like the pain from inflammation that was attacking my joints. The pain affected my everyday tasks, it affected my work and of course it affected my mood. I began Ozone and Ultraviolet Light treatments under Dr. Doreo's supervision and the results have been mind blowing. After the first treatment I felt different as I had less inflammation. After 2-treatments the pain was less apparent in my lower extremities, and now after 10-treatments the constant pain is gone! My hands that hurt so much with just typing are pain free, it's been exciting to experience this effective type of therapy that has restored my health and hope.   B. C.

You were my answer to prayer, thanks for being God's hands!

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Yours In Health, 

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